Cast List

Cast List for 13 the Musical

First Rehearsal:

  • The first rehearsal is Saturday, October 2nd, 1:00-5:00pm – ALL ARE CALLED (conflicts are noted).

  • Please either print yourself a script or bring a device to read it from. If you’d like us to print a copy there’s a $20 fee (please send your request before 6pm today). Click here to access the script.

  • Please bring a pencil and notebook.

  • Also bring a lunch or snack.

Production Fee:

  • The $350 Production Fee is due by October 13th, after this there is a $30 late charge applied. 

    • How to pay:

    • (1) Email us to give permission to use the card you provided for classes.

    • (2) Call 626-577-5922 to provide a card or stop by the office.

    • (3) Drop off a check.

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • We will send out a rehearsal schedule with who is called and when early next week

  • We also thank you for not adding any more conflicts to the ones already sent in

We know in your heart how important your child is to you; each and every student is just as important to us. Throughout the rehearsal process, each child will be mentored, supported, and encouraged to grow no matter if they have 2 lines vs. 50. There has been thoughtful consideration to develop the script with true equality on stage and so each child has a chance to shine throughout the show. Therefore, it is vital that each student attends the rehearsals they are called for without adding conflicts and with the intent of each rehearsal as a growth process for their burgeoning talents. A positive attitude and politeness is part of the Theatre 360 process. Thank you for your respect in what we do. 


Alexandra Alvarez Ensemble
Karina Alvarez Cassie
Anastasia Arrieta Eddie
Hannah Arrieta Ensemble
Ryan Backstrom Brett
Annika Blaiklock Kendra
Myles Bruno Richie
Elodie Collect Archie
Ev Cullen Simon
Sadie Davis Ensemble
Riley Jennings Charlotte
Nola Kilar Patrice
Gianna Lucio Ensemble
Juliet Mandella Malcolm
Tessa Moran Ensemble
Camille Moynihan Ensemble
Megan Murphy Ensemble
Aliyah Nguyen Molly
Grace Parra-Christie Ensemble
Lauren Sales Lucy
Holden Saling Evan
Milla Sanchez-Regalado Ensemble
Kat Sears Ensemble