CALLBACKS: January 27, 12:00-3:00

Please have your cellphone close at hand since we may release your child early.

HOWEVER, Please plan on staying the whole time!

If you have questions please send us an email:

Congratulations! You did a wonderful job today at auditions. Below, you will find all the information you need for the callback process; PLEASE READ UNTIL BOTTOM OF THE PAGE:

  1. You’ll see the list of who we are calling back, and all of the scenes we’d like you to prepare. Be sure and read through it all, so you feel confident for tomorrow.
  2. Callbacks starts at 12:00pm. Please be on time, we will not wait to start without you. It is a huge inconvenience to the staff and everyone in the callback if you are not on time.
  3. Clothing:
    1. Please come dress comfortably 
    2. Also wear closed toed shoes.
    3. Please no flip-flops/sandals, uggs, flats, or slip-on shoes.
    4. Be sure and pull your hair back out of your face.
  4. The names are listed below in alphabetical order by first name with the roles we would like to see you for next to them. Please print and prepare any of the scenes that are posted below as it pertains to the characters you are called back for.   You do not have to be memorized, but please do be very familiar with your sides.
  5. Be sure and bring a water bottle, as well as your printed scene sides to the callback.
  6. You may not be read or seen for all scenes and sides due to time constraints.
  7. This is a closed callback, no parents/friends/visitors allowed.

Callback List:

Step 1 – Find your name below (alphabetical by first name) and the characters you are called back for. 

Step 2 – Print the whole scene sides document below! And learn, get comfortable, make big character choices (you may mark up your material as much as you want to help you!)

Step 3 –  Check YouTube for videos to familiarize yourself with the show!

Step 4 – Bring your copies with you and have fun!!


(Please do not use a British accent for any character. If you need help on interpretation or understanding text, YouTube and Google are great resources.)

PLEASE PRINT THIS WHOLE PDF. This is all the scenes: Midsummer Sides

Name Roles Called Back For (Some girls are called back for boy parts- we will have a conversation at callbacks. Please prepare the sides accordingly.)
Alice Westover Helena, Hermia, Titania, Quince, Egeus, Puck, Egeus, Lysander, Demetrius
Annika Blaiklock Puck, Egeus, Hermia, Flute, Snout, Quince
Arjun Lakshman Bottom, Quince, Lysander, Demetrius, Oberon
Audrey Swanson Helena, Titania, Oberon, Quince, Bottom, Puck, Egeus, Lysander, Demetrius
Camille Moynihan Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, Egeus
Cassidy Arnold Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed
Jack Stewart-Oaten Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, Egeus
John Paszkiewicz Puck, Egeus, Quince, Bottom, Lysander, Demetrius, Oberon
Josie Calva-Despard Hermia, Helena, Puck, Titania, Quince, Lysander, Demetrius, Oberon
Kaleigh Frazer Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed
Karina Alvarez Hermia, Helena, Puck, Titania, Quince, Lysander, Demetrius
Lilly Driscoll Hermia, Helena, Puck, Titania, Quince, Lysander, Demetrius
Lily Elkin Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, Egeus, Quince
Luca Nicoletti Hermia, Helena, Puck, Titania, Quince, Bottom, Lysander, Demetrius
Maritza Ramirez Hermia, Helena, Puck, Titania, Quince, Lysander, Demetrius
Nova Fleming Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed

Read below if you would like some more information.

Woo Hoo! It means that you probably prepared and worked really hard for your initial audition. The casting director/production team liked what they saw in your initial audition and are interested in seeing you again. This is a good thing!

If you get a callback, you did something the casting director/production team liked and/or you have exactly the “right” look or personality for the role. Or perhaps you perfectly captured the essence of the character or brought something unique and interesting to your audition.

When you don’t get a callback it does not mean that you did not do a good job in your audition. It may be that you were not right for the particular role being cast or just that some others were more right for that role.  At Theatre 360 there are times we do not call people back but they are still cast.


Something to remember about a callback is that they probably liked the way you looked and your performance in your previous acting audition, so you should try to repeat your look and what you did as closely as possible. This means you should wear exactly the same clothing and even fix your hair the same way.  You want to give them what they got in the first audition.

Sometimes you will be given some additional instructions with the callback information. You might have additional or different sides for the callback or a specific change to your appearance or your performance that they want.  In that case, you want to follow whatever additional instructions you are given. For example, you might be told to be less angry or not to act like you are cold in a particular scene, or you might be told to put your hair in a ponytail or to not put your hair in a ponytail.  But don’t change anything unless you are instructed to do so.



At Theatre 360 we will post the callback list on our website an hour or two after the initial audition.  In some cases we will let you know at the time of the callback, and where to find your sides for the callback the next day. Go to then click on PRODUCTIONS on the Navigation Bar and click on CALLBACKS.

The list of students called back will include important information regarding preparing for your callback the next day.  It is in your best interest to make sure you have enough time to prepare the material sent, in most cases it is learning a part of a song; or delivering sides to a scene; there are times where you will have multiple parts to read and/or sing for – we really encourage you to make the time to you feel confident to make choices and strut your stuff at the callback.

For professional auditions you may hear about a callback at the end of your audition, or shortly after your audition, or later the same day, or the next day or a couple of days later, a week later, or even a month or more after your audition.  While there is no steadfast rule on this, you are generally notified of a callback within a few days for television show episodes, within a week or two for commercials, and for big roles in movies and television series, it tends to vary quite a lot, but it usually takes longer.



Sometimes there will be only a handful of people who receive a callback, but sometimes there may be a rather large number of people called back for a particular role.  There may be five people or there may be twenty-five.  It all depends on the production.



  • At Theatre 360 our callbacks are the day after auditions.
  • For professional auditions sometimes a callback will occur the same day as the initial audition (most often when episodes of a television show are being cast). Sometimes you will need to return the next day or a couple of days after you are notified of the callback.

All the callbacks might be on one day, as is often the case for commercial callbacks or theatre callbacks or episodics; or the callbacks might be spread out over a period of time, as is often the case for casting for a lead role in a feature film or television show.  You may even be called back multiple times for a single role, as is often the case for bigger roles in feature films and television shows and often for theatre as well.



  • At Theatre 360 callbacks you’ll see the production team:  For a musical the Director, Choreographer, Musical Director, Stage Manager, and Producer.  For a play the director, stage manager, and producer.
  • For professional callbacks; there will often be more people present than were at your initial audition. It is common for directors and producers and other people involved in a project to be at a callback.  So don’t be surprised when you walk into the room and see four or five or more people there to observe your audition and you.
  • And remember!  While getting a callback is a great thing, you still have to do the work, prepare, and be gracious, appreciative, and professional.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you to the casting team, receptionist, and anyone else involved from the auditions through the casting process is classy!

Tips for a successful callback from our friends at

  1.  Show-up to the callback prepared. Read the play/musical, and if you have had a script or side, be familiar with it. Or be ready to cold read.
  2.  Directly before the callback audition, do relaxation exercises, meditation, or whatever tools you use to get centered and slowed down before working.
  3.  Breathe. Remember that this is another opportunity to work. Avoid focusing on getting the part. Instead, focus on the work!
  4.  Avoid looking at other actors, or at least cut off any dialogue you want to have with yourself about them. Without getting over-serious or totally unapproachable, stay focused on YOU. Others may try to talk or engage you. DO NOT let your concerns about seeming nice or likeable to anyone get in the way of what you need to do before you go in the audition room.
  5. Pay attention to what you are feeling. Use whatever is there to create. Find a connection between what you are feeling and who the character you are auditioning for is.
  6.  Make sure to keep moving physically every few minutes or so. Stay loose.
  7. If you notice you want to impress the people you are auditioning for, take some deep breaths and focus instead on giving the best you can, for you.
  8.  Most important, believe you are worthy of and deserve the part. Fight off all other voices. Give yourself a few callbacks to study yourself and get it right.