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Our Alumni Are Going Places

Parent Testimonials

“In the life of our son, Theatre 360 has been a truly wonderful and transformative experience. He started in Theatre 360 at the end of 2nd grade and he is now in 7th grade. He has taken classes, been to summer camps, and participated in productions and at the end of all of those he always wants more and more! We have seen the good things that his experience has given him: self-assurance, discipline, the ability to work with others, and how to give and receive praise graciously. He has found a group of like-minded kids and has forged relationships that will last. Devon Yates, the director, has a great skill in bringing out the best in children. She is always fair and firm and the kids all respond to her very well. The rest of the staff is equally good, with complementary strengths in music, dancing, and acting. Overall, a great experience. We feel very lucky to have found them.” – David Ardila

“This organization is different from so many other theatre groups in a way that the people involved in it not only know how to uphold quality classes and productions, but know each child as an individual and know how to bring out the best qualities in each of them.” –Frank and Patrick Phillips

"Wow! We were thrilled when Anders got the call to do Linus in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” And while he didn’t disappoint there; three years later he showed just how much he had learned and absorbed from the Theatre 360 program when he stepped into the role of Harold Hill in “Music Man.” As two proud grandparents, with a lifetime of theatre experience, we applaud the fabulous theatre program that Devon Yates and her staff have built. It’s really all about the kids and of course wonderful theatre experiences." - Jeff and Allison Craggs

"My daughter has been part of the Theatre 360 program since she was 4 years old. She has gone from fun classes where play and communication are encouraged, to more challenging acting and dance classes where dedication and commitment are expected to roles from ensemble to lead in full scale shows. Along the way I have watched her grow not only as an artist but also in her dedication, drive, mentorship of the younger performers and in her self-confidence as an artist. The lessons learned at Theatre 360 provide life long value whether heading to Broadway, the Board Room or any place else." - Elle Saling

"We are so grateful to Pasadena's Theatre 360 for demanding, caring, quality performing arts training."

"Neither parent in our family has any experience in performing arts, so when our twelve-year-old son begged to take an acting class, we were just relieved that Theatre 360 was convenient and had professional instructors. It was a brilliant match! Over the three intervening years our son has enrolled in a class every term including several rounds of acting, vocal performance and dance and especially in the summer "intensives." We have been thrilled with the results of this consistent study."

"Rigorous group and private classes and quality performance opportunities have inspired in our son a joy of performing, deep respect for collaboration, confidence, poise, stronger time-management skills and a passion for the hard and wonderful work of theater! Each session deepens his commitment to and enthusiasm for developing and maintaining his skills. We doubt he would have been cast as the lead in his high school's musical -- as a sophomore -- without the outstanding training at Theatre 360. Thank you!" - Robin Craggs & Garret Keith

Student Testimonials

“I learn something new every day. I have so much fun here, I have met and made so many friends. You have created an environment that I want to be a part of every day.” – Madeline

“Thank you for the best summer of my life. I am forever grateful for all that you do for the next generation of theatre. I’m so proud and blessed to have found you.” –  Rinn

“Theatre 360 continually challenges me to become a better artist and a better person. I look forward to the ways in which you will further stretch me in my abilities and my kindness.” – Ezra

“At Theatre 360, you don’t just learn how to be a performer; you learn how to do it all! I was taught the importance of hard-work, discipline, and of course; how to have fun. Some of my best friends today were made at Theatre 360 at age 9! The education I received from Theatre 360 has been engrained in me as a performer, producer, and as a person. Devon teaches all of her students how to respect the work and each other, and instills an important sense of discipline that you cannot get anywhere else. Without the foundation that Theatre 360 set for me, I would not have been successful at my high school, L.A. County High School for the Arts, my college, Wagner College, and now as a post-grad in the professional world. Theatre 360 is a place where you can reach the next level as a performer and as a person.” – Allie Dufford

“Theatre 360 has opened many doors for me. Because of Devon’s willingness to teach me the art of stage management, I was awarded Hollywood High School’s most outstanding female technician and have shadowed professional stage managers at the Pantages Theater as well as gained several backstage internships at various theaters in LA. Had it not been for the belief at Theatre 360 that kids could do anything, I would not have fallen in love with stage management and decided that was what I wanted to pursue as a career in the future. You have increased my self-confidence and made me realize from a young age that I am competent and responsible and that my ideas are valid. I can honestly say that without your guidance and without the things I learned at Theatre 360, I would not be the person I am today and I would most certainly not be going to Fordham next year.” – Mikaela

"Theatre 360 taught me that success isn’t just about talent or skill, it’s about putting in the work and paying it forward. At Theatre 360, I've gained best friends, mentors, collaborators, and a deep appreciation for every aspect of the field of theatre — a full three-hundred-sixty degree view, if you will! Of course this place taught me how to nail a pirouette and a 16-bar audition piece, but it also taught me that commitment, professionalism, and hard work triumph above all. The training, work ethic, and preparation I’ve gained from Theatre 360 helped me in my admission into some of the nation’s top Musical Theatre programs. Theatre 360 enabled me to do the preparation necessary to feel confident and successful in all of my college auditions." - Cami Arboles

"I have learned so much, not only about musical theatre, but also about life and how to be professional and independent. T360 is so much more than a semi-professional children’s theatre company. It gives kids and teenagers an experience every production." – Lorie