New York FAQ

General Questions:

How do I apply?

Students will need to be accepted and attend the Musical Theatre Academy, (Summer 2020 dates & prices TBA)

If you are not a current student of Theatre 360 you will need to audition and turn in the following:

  1. Video Audition: Please prepare the following and submit via video – we prefer a YouTube or Vimeo link – to
    1. A one minute monologue of your choice and a one minute musical theatre song
  2. Resume: listing your education, training, and past experiences in acting/musical theatre
  3. Letter of Recommendation: Usually letters are from a teacher.
  4. Personal Essay: indicating your interest, performing arts goals, what theatre means to you, and what you hope to learn (One Page)

Deadline to apply for Musical Theatre Academy: TBA

What are the application requirements?

Students will need to be age 13 by Jan 1, 2020

Students will need to attend the two-week preparatory Musical Theatre Academy program.

What is the application deadline?

We are currently accepting applications up to TBA. After this late acceptance will be permitted if there is room in the program.  Late fees will apply to show tickets, hotels, and airlines as they have already been purchased with group discount.

Where will the students be housed during the program?

The students live at the Edison Hotel 228 West 47th Street at 7th Ave.  All students will have roommates and will be chaperoned by Theatre 360 staff.

Can we choose our own roommates?

Yes, given sufficient notice we will accommodate special room sharing requests.

Are meals covered in the price?

No. Each student will need to provide their own money for meals daily.  We will have The Edison Hotel provide a refrigerator in each room for students to purchase groceries to save money. Most of our breakfasts are on the go at Starbucks or local walk-in coffee stores these can range from $5.00-$10.00 daily. Lunch and dinner are usually eaten out in the city and can range from $20.00-$30.00.  Care is taken to keep meals at a minimum with usually one special meal eaten daily.  Each student is also required to provide tip and tax at each meal.

Where are the Master Classes held?

Classes are held at different rehearsal studios in Manhattan; Pearl Studios, Ripley-Grier, and Studio 353.  Students will walk or take the subway with their chaperone to and from their classes.  While in class a chaperone will be on site, should any special needs come up.

Where are the dance classes held?

Dance classes are held at Broadway Dance Center at 322 W. 45th Street, students will be chaperoned on their walk to and from the dance studio daily.

Who will be teaching the classes?

The faculty is comprised of working professionals: prominent actors, directors, designers, stage managers, accomplished voice teachers, casting directors, playwrights, and production staff members.  Most teachers know Executive/Artistic Director Devon Yates personally.

What is the breakdown of daily activities?

A final two week itinerary of dance classes, master classes, shows, restaurants, and activities will be provided to the students and their families one week prior to the start of New York Program.  Each student will be given the opportunity to pick from a range of dance classes M-F mornings, as well as prior to trip a Show List will be distributed where students can list their preferences.  M-F students will take dance classes in the mornings, Master Classes in the afternoons, and Broadway and Off-Broadway shows most evenings.  In the case of there being no show in the evening students will participate in an artistic or cultural activity.

Will we have classes on the weekends?

Dance, Master Classes and Casting Sessions will be held Monday through Friday with some exceptions on Saturday and Sundays.   Shows and field trips will be planned for the weekends as well as some downtime.  All will be chaperoned.

What will I need to bring to New York?

A complete list of items needed will be distributed prior to leaving for New York.  Generally enough clothes for two weeks, as well as dance attire for theatre dance, ballet, and hip hop classes.  Each student will be responsible for bringing their own music, headshot and resume to be distributed to casting directors.

How will we get around the city?

Students will need to purchase subway transit fare once we reach the city.  The weekly unlimited rental card is $32.00. Each student will be responsible for their own card once we arrive in New York City.  Walking is also a big part of our trip.

How much money should I bring?

Students are responsible for their own meals, incidentals, and extra Broadway shows.  There are 5 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows paid for through the students’ tuition in New York City.   There will be 3-4 nights where students may pick and purchase their tickets to see a show of their choice.  Tickets can be bought at the TKTS discount ticket booth; tickets usually range from $40-$70 depending on show of choice.  Students can anticipate spending between $60 and $100 per day depending on eating habits, incidentals, souvenirs, and choice of activities.

Will I need to pay for the entire cost of the trip at once?

No, we have created a payment plan based on a minimum of 10 students attending the program. There will be a price increase if you register after TBA

Please note: There are no refunds or credits of any kind after a payment is made.

NYC 2019 Payment Plan

Based on a minimum of 10 students