Showbiz Policies

Showbiz Kidz Policies

Refunds: All requests for refunds or credits must be submitted in writing and emailed to It is understood that if we choose to cancel, a credit or refund will be provided up to 14 days prior to the start of the camp minus a $80 deposit (two week camp) or $60 deposit (one week camp). If a refund is granted, please allow up to 30 days for processing. Credits are good for up to one year from the start date of the camp. A credit cannot be transferred to a refund at any time for any reason. Credits cannot be used for anything other than a class, including but not limited to: production fees, private lessons, New York trip fees, tickets or workshops. Credits are non-transferable to anyone else. We do not pro-rate any portion of the camp fee and do not offer refunds due to illness or personal scheduling conflicts. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS if cancelled with less than 14 days to the start of a session or if you auditioned for a production and did not accept your role, get cast, or choose to drop out of the production prior to the performance. 

Drop off Time/ Attendance: Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30am. We understand that prior to that time supervision is not available. It is understood that classes begin promptly and that not only does tardiness impact our child’s progress in the class, but it affects the other students as well and we agree that multiple absences and/or excessive tardiness will prohibit our child from being able to perform on the final day. (Simply due to lack of rehearsal time). It is understood that we are not allowed to walk our child to class, and we must check into the office if late

Pick-up Time: Please pick up your child promptly at the end of the day; 12:00pm. There is a fifteen minute grace period, however after that you will be billed $1 per minute. 

Cell Phones: We agree that cell phones can be disruptive and that taking or making calls, texting or using the internet during class is inappropriate. Cell phones are only allowed as recording devices, to take notes or to mark calendars. Teaching Artists have the authority to confiscate cell phones being used inappropriately. We understand that all communications need to go through the office 626.577.5922. Cell phones will be returned at the end of class. 

Potty trained: It is understood that all students signing up for ShowBiz Kidz, Ages 3-5 are potty trained and can use the restroom on their own.

Dress Code: Students should feel comfortable to move freely without reservation. If skirts or dresses are worn, shorts must be worn underneath.  For safety reasons, no sandals, flip-flops or crocs are allowed.  For dance classes, jazz shoes or ballet slippers are suggested, but tennis shoes are fine. Long hair must be pulled back.

Visitors/Class Observation: It is understood that Theatre 360 maintains a closed-class policy. We feel that the Theatre 360 class is a uniquely special time for the kids and their Teaching Artists to share together on their own. Closed-class time allows participants to focus without interruption making the class environment conducive to a highly creative, educational, and cooperative experience. Parents are invited to watch a demonstration the final day, and email will be sent to notify you of what time. 

Medication: It is understood that students bringing any type of non-prescription medication must first submit a note to the staff by a parent indicating the frequency that the medication should be taken. We agree that once the student has submitted the note, the student may be allowed to carry the non-prescription medication on their person while at Theatre 360 and is responsible for taking the proper dosages at the proper time. For prescription medication, we agree to contact the office prior to our child attending class to discuss the best course of action for our child and the theatre. We agree that students must be ultimately responsible for knowing when and how much medication to take and that Theatre 360 is not responsible for administering proper dosages at proper times to students (the same is applicable to asthma inhalers).

Conduct: It is understood that Theatre 360 and its employees and volunteers do not discriminate based on gender, race, creed, ethnicity or religion. We agree that the students must treat one another with the highest respect. We agree that INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND/OR PROFANITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND THAT STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE THEATRE if behavior becomes an issue. It is understood that if a student violates Theatre 360 policy, the parent will be contacted in a timely fashion and steps will be taken to correct the matter. We agree that if the child’s behavior does not improve, Theatre 360 will dismiss the student and that in all cases, Theatre 360 has final say in any dismissal. It is understood that the following behaviors are criteria for immediate dismissal: disrespect toward faculty or staff member or anything that manifests contempt for Theatre 360 authority; roughhousing, fighting, disruptive and/or threatening behavior, bringing any weapon of any kind; threatening any student, teacher, staff member or parent; gang/crew involvement (dress, signs, language, etc.); being in possession or under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol; smoking in the theatre or within 50 feet of the theatre grounds; theft of any theatre or personal property; damage of any kind to theatre or personal property. We agree to speak to our children and remind them of the correct and expected way to behave while in school. It is understood that if at any time, a parent can no longer support Theatre 360 policies, they are encouraged to withdraw their child, and no refund or credit will be provided. It is understood and we agree that parents and guardians should not upbraid, insult, or abuse any member of the theatre administration, faculty, parent, student or staff on or off the theatre premises.

Disclosure It is understood that the parents/guardians of students enrolling in class are obligated and required to inform Theatre 360 at the time of the application, of any physical or behavioral problems the child has which have required professional treatment. This is a school of theatre and it is understood that the school may decline to accept such child, or may revoke such acceptance, when it is apparent the child may not have a successful experience at the theatre or may cause other students to not have a successful experience at the theatre. For a successful experience at Theatre 360 complete transparency is mandatory.  Theatre 360 cannot be held liable or responsible for any issues that may occur due to non-full disclosure.  It is understood that the staff and faculty of Theatre 360 are trained theatre teachers—not therapists or counselors.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Property: We agree that Theatre 360 is not responsible for the loss or damage to a student’s personal belongings for any reason. The theatre strongly recommends that students not bring items of value to classes or rehearsals.