Call Backs

Callbacks, Wed. June 2nd 4:00-7:00pm

**Please have your cellphone close at hand since we may release your child early. HOWEVER, Please plan on staying the whole time! This is a closed callback, no friends or family allowed.

Any questions email:
*Please do not call*


  1. Please find below the list of who we are calling back and for which roles

  2. Please also find all the scene and music sides labeled with each character included in them

  3. Review and print each side of each character you are called for

  4. You don’t need to be memorized, but become familiar with your material¬†

  5. If you need to, try looking up YouTube videos of the show and songs to help you get more comfortable

  6. Make big choices as you practice and dive into the material!

Ps. You may not be read for all sides due to time constraints.

What to bring & What to wear:

  1. Bring your printed sides and music

  2. Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in as you may be dancing

  3. Wear tennis shoes

  4. Bring a water bottle and snack


Amelie Alcaraz – Schwarzy, Marcy

Alexandra Alvarez – Coneybear, Jesus, Schwarzy, Carl Dad

Karina Alvarez – Rona, Olive, Panch, Mitch

Anastasia Arrieta – Olive, Marcy, Schwarzy, Mitch

Hannah Arrieta – Schwarzy, Coneybear, Jesus

Ryan Backstrom – Chip, Barfee

Annika Blaiklock – Marcy, Coneybear, schwarzy, Panch

Oona Cassell – Schwarzy, Marcy

Elodie Collet – Coneybear, Jesus, Carl dad

Lois Dittebrandt – Schwazy, Jesus, Panch, Carl Dad

Claire Huang – Marcy, Coneybear, Jesus, Carl Dad

Riley Jennings – Schwarzy, Rona, Olive, Marcy

Juliet Mandella – Marcy, Schwarzy, Jesus, Carl Dad

Molly Munoz- Schwarzy, Jesus

Megan Murphy – Marcy, Schwarzy, Carl Dad

Grace Parra-Christie – Marcy, Olive

Kaia Ryan-Coyne – Olive, Rona, Mitch, Carl Dad

Holden Saling – Chip, Barfee

Milla Sanchez-Regaldo – Panch, Mitch, Coneybear, Jesus, Carl Dad

Brooke Waller – Rona, Schwarzy, Olive, Mitch