Bert – a man with many occupations who is good friends with Mary Poppins; also acts as a narrator in the story

George Banks – a banker, Winifred’s husband, and regimented father to Jane and Michael

Winifred Banks – George’s wife, who tries to be the perfect homemaker and mother to Jane and Michael

Jane Banks – the high-spirited, bright, and willful daughter of George and Winifred

Michael Banks – the excitable and cheeky youngest member of the Banks family

Katie Nanna – Jane and Michel’s overwhelmed and fed-up nanny

Mrs. Brill – housekeeper and cook for the Banks family

Robertson Ay – houseboy to the Banks family

Mary Poppins – Jane and Michael’s extraordinary and strange new nanny; neat and tidy, particular, sometimes frightening, always exciting

Park Strollers – citizens of London who get swept up in Mary Poppin’s adventures in the park

Neleus – a statue from Greek mythology in the park

Statues – other statues present in the park

Bird Woman – an old woman who sells crumbs to feed the birds

Honeybees – bees conjured by Mary Poppins to help teach the children the benefits of “A Spoonful of Sugar”

Clerks – George’s colleagues and fellow bankers

Miss Smythe – the bank Chairman’s humorless secretary

Chairman – head of the bank where George is employed

Von Hussler – business owner seeking a load for a shady business deal

John Northbrook – an honest businessman seeking a loan to build a factory for his community