Winter 2019 | January 7 – March 16

10 Week Session

No Class on Monday, January 21, MLK Day

Triple Threat Discount: Interested in taking more than 1 class? A $15 discount will be given per additional class taken.

Tuition can be broken into 3 monthly payments. After the 1st initial payment a $6.00 processing fee will be applied.

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What We Teach:


The acting and dramatic curriculum is designed to develop the actor as an individual artist and as an effective member of a creative ensemble. Each course draws from a continuum of specific techniques to develop the actor’s mind, voice, and body for a confident and honest performance before a live audience. Improvisation and scripted scenes provide fluency in the acting fundamentals of conflict, action, and given circumstances. As collaboration is essential to the creation of live theatre, the actor will develop skills of willingness and personal motivation, to listen and respond, to find creative solutions for problems as a member of a team, to confidently give voice to original ideas and grow their respect for the ideas of others.


The dance curriculum at Theatre 360 provides a solid technical foundation taught in a professional, nurturing environment. All of our students benefit from the structure and discipline of a progressive dance training program. Our dance courses are lead by a staff of talented, professional dancers, who are dedicated to helping their students achieve success as dancers and performers.


The voice curriculum is designed to introduce students to fundamental vocal techniques including breath control, phrasing, enunciation, interpretation, and presentation. In-class exercises will help refine and strengthen the student’s developing voice.

All voice classes teach:

– Warm-up exercises
– Correct posture
– Basic vowel sounds and correct articulation
– Relaxation exercises
– Improving placement, volume, vocal range, dynamics
– Developing basic music theory
– Stage presentation

Mondays | Starts January 7 for 9 Weeks

No classes Monday, January 21

Improv/Sketch Comedy
Ages 8 to 12 | 4:00- 5:30pm | $330
Improv opens you up to the power of being in the moment as an actor! Sketch comedy is how SNL makes the magic happen! This class will be broken into 2 components; non-scripted improv and scripted Sketch Comedy. Each class will start with improv warm-ups, theatre games and technique building tools for non-scripted fun! The students will then explore basic sketch comedy structures and foundations of creating strong comedic characters through original sketches and scenes.
Teaching Artist: Jessica Winward REGISTER: Click here

Intermediate Vocal Performance*
Ages 12 & up | 5:30-7:15pm | $380
This class is geared towards the serious-minded and experienced student who strive to re­fine their vocal skills and creative expression. A vocal performance is more than just singing notes properly. In this class students will explore emotional and vocal nuances, vocal quality, healthy singing, and performance/audition techniques. Assignments are given on a weekly basis for students to select material best suited to them and perform in front of class to practice performing skills and learn to personalize that material.
Teaching Artist: Devon Yates Accompanist: Micah Wright *Requires instructor approval REGISTERClick here

Adult Tap
Ages 18 & up | 7:30-8:30pm | $230
Our Adult Tap dance class is for basic to beginning level adult dancers. Tap is a great way to connect with rhythm, coordination, and performance. In each class students will learn new repertoire and choreography while listening to great music, get a good work out, and have a terrific time!
Teaching Artist: Devon Yates REGISTER: Click here

Tuesdays | Starts January 8 for 10 Weeks

Broadway Kids Level Two
Ages 9 to 12 | 4:00-5:30pm | $360
Each week students will get a chance to vocalize, sing, and develop their own personal artistry while singing show tunes! Students will learn proper vocal breath control, correct vocal placement, while developing their range and musical theatre knowledge. Students will get to pick from classic to contemporary songs that are age appropriate, unique and that will showcase each student individually!
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe REGISTER: Click here

Combo Acting/Voice
Ages 5 to 8 | 4:00-5:30pm | $360
One of the most important tools of the actor is their voice. This class will help develop all things vocal: breathing, enunciation, projection and how the voice can change and be changed by acting choices. Learn how to develop a personal artistic identity and command attention. This class is structured so at the end of the session, students will have created and performed pieces showing off their new found vocal skills in singing and acting.
Teaching Artist: Erin Norlie REGISTER: Click here

Beginning/Beg. Intermediate Tap
Ages 9 & up | 5:30-6:30pm | $260
Tap dancing is an exciting rhythmic dance form distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. This long time favorite style of dance has an esteemed Broadway reputation. In this tap class, students will learn and build on basic skills and fundamentals that increase rhythm, strength, and coordination. Starting with a warm-up, and across the floor combinations students will learn exciting and fun choreography to develop their performance abilities. Dance attire and tap shoes are required.
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe REGISTER: Click here

Acting Fundamentals
Ages 11 to 16 | 5:45-7:15pm | $360
Are you new to acting? Interested in improving your acting technique? This class is a fun, and safe way to learn the necessities! Voice and speech, movement, improvisation, stage directions and terminology will be taught. Each student will walk away a strong understanding of how to project their voice, create a character, and teamwork. Students will work together in scene study while developing their self-confidence and talents!
Teaching Artist: Erin Norlie REGISTER: Click here

Thursdays | Starts January 10 for 10 weeks

Broadway Kids Level One
Ages 6 to 9 | 4:00-5:30pm | $360
This singing class is for our youngest set to sing their hearts out with Broadway show tunes! Students will learn how to support their voice with correct breathing, placement, and intention. Age appropriate material is given to students from classic to contemporary musical theatre songs. Students sing individually each week; learning performance technique, acting choices, and showmanship.
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe REGISTER: Click here

Teen Tap*
Ages 11 & up | 5:30-6:30pm | $260
This class is designed to re­fine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap, and also focus on faster and more intricate footwork. The dancer at this level will develop speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute complex rhythmic combinations. Tap shoes are required. Solid 1 year minimum of tap required.
Teaching Artist: Devon Yates *Requires instructor approval REGISTERClick here

Adv Beginner/Intermediate Level Ballet*
Ages 11 & up | 6:45-8:15pm | $360
Our ballet class at this level will teach and develop the musical theatre performer’s knowledge and confi­dence in ballet. An emphasis is placed on technique, movement control, body alignment allowing the student to take this knowledge and apply it to any form of dance, and use as a performer. Essentials will be taught through barre exercise and across the floor combinations allowing the student to utilize this movement control throughout their lives. Dance attire and ballet shoes are required. Teaching Artist: Devon Yates *Requires instructor approval REGISTERClick here

Fridays | Starts January 11 for 10 weeks

Intro to Musical Theatre – FULL as of 1/9/19
Ages 5 to 8 | 4:00-5:00pm | $260
Do you love to sing and dance? This class will introduce you to all things musical theatre! Group songs are staged with movement and choreography while learning vocal stylings, acting technique and great storytelling. Students will learn from the broad range of classic and contemporary Broadway shows furthering their education in knowledge and experience. Fully realized musical theater numbers will showcase our students work at the end of the session.
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe REGISTER: FULL

Musical Theatre Workshop
Ages 9 to 14 | 5:00-6:30pm | $360
Can’t stop the beat? Students in MT workshop will develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to put a Broadway musical number together! Group numbers are taught with choreography, vocal technique, harmony, and expression. Each student will learn about classic and contemporary musicals while working on projection, diction, and stage presence. Solo work and performance skills emphasized as they build their montage of musical numbers for end of session showcase!
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe  REGISTER: Click here

Saturdays | Starts January 12 for 10 weeks

Disney Kids
Ages 3 to 5 | 9:30-10:30am | $260
Do you love all things Disney? We do to! Students enrolled in Disney Kids will get a chance to bring their favorite Disney characters to life through improvisation, story building, movement, and imagination. Each week students will focus on a beloved Disney story and develop their own version with story, movement, and song. Class will culminate in a showcase of their imaginative performances!
Teaching Artist: Melissa Booey  REGISTER: Click here

Young Performers Playground
Ages 5 to 8 | 10:30-11:30am | $260
In this class, imagination is king. Our students will engage in creative thinking through movement, theater games, improvisation, and scenes! Students will learn not only the basics of projection, breathe support, focus, and objective but how to use their imagination to enact and reflect on their own experiences real and imagined. Class ends with scenes, and stories the students have developed throughout the session.
Teaching Artist: Melissa Booey  REGISTER: Click here

Acting Technique
Ages 8 to 12 | 9:30-11:00am | $360
This is a scene study class where students will learn the fundamentals of acting by focusing on dramatic and comedic scene study. Students will learn essential skills in voice and speech, blocking, notation, memorization tips, character objectives and stage presence. Each week students will work on projection, breathe support, improvisation, and develop skills working together as scene partners and fellow actors. Regular attendance is needed.
Teaching Artist: Erin Norlie  REGISTER: Click here

Act. Sing. Dance.
Ages 9 & up | 11:00-12:30pm | $360
Learn how to make the magic happen from rehearsal through performance! This class will take you through the 3 key elements of musical theatre, from scene to song to dance. Students will work together to build mini musicals using Broadway material from SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical; Anastasia, and Newsies. Small and large group numbers will help students develop both as individuals and collaboratively as they work with scene and song partners. Regular attendance is needed.
Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe  REGISTER: Click here