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 Fall 2016 | Sept 12 – Dec 10

12 Week Session

There will be no classes November 21 – 26 in observance of Thanksgiving

Also Monday classes will run for only 11 Weeks in observance of Halloween



The acting and dramatic curriculum is designed to develop the actor as an individual artist and as an effective member of a creative ensemble. Each course draws from a continuum of specific techniques to develop the actor’s mind, voice, and body for a confident and honest performance before a live audience. Improvisation and scripted scenes provide fluency in the acting fundamentals of conflict, action, and given circumstances. As collaboration is essential to the creation of live theatre, the actor will develop skills of willingness and personal motivation, to listen and respond, to find creative solutions for problems as a member of a team, to confidently give voice to original ideas and grow their respect for the ideas of others.

Magic Bag 1 Spot Left Ages 3 to 5 Saturday, 9:30-10:30am Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks $240
Have you ever watched your child pick up a seashell and become the Ruler of the Ocean? Your child is pretending—a powerful tool for building skills in many essential developmental areas. Young children learn by imagining and doing, and in this fun class your child will learn social skills and problem solving while discovering the tools of an actor: body, voice and imagination. Take magical journeys to the bottom of the ocean or to the farthest star and gain an appreciation of the arts. You can go anywhere through the enchantment of the Magic Bag! Register here / Teaching Artist: Joanna Burt

Acting II* Ages 13 & up Saturday, 11:00-12:45pm Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks. $420
Building on skills developed in ACTING I, students will work deeper in learning to work truthfully from moment to moment. Through script analysis, repetition, and improvisation students will further develop their performance technique as they pursue objectives and overcome obstacles. Along with acting skills students will develop techniques in creative thinking and public speaking. The ACTING II student will finish the class with further confidence in self and their newly honed talents. Like ACTING I students partner each other so regular attendance is a must. Register here / Teaching Artist: Whitney Tenney-Pak

Story Book Theatre Ages 5 to 8 Saturday, 10:30-11:30am Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks. $240
Take moments from some of the world’s most beloved stories. Add acting exercises, craft projects and lots of imagination and you get an exciting, dramatic stage presentation of what once existed only on the page. You’ll gain skills in vocal projection, characterization, listening skills, and social collaboration. Have fun participating in theatre games and sharing a story with other students. You’ll build not only self-confidence but create a theatrical mini-masterpiece! Register here / Teaching Artist: Joanna Burt

Acting I FULL Ages 9 to 14 Saturday, 9:30-11:00am Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks. $360
This is a scene study class where students will learn the fundamentals of acting by focusing on dramatic and comedic scene study. Students will rehearse with each other and develop their skills in listening and reacting. They will also learn such essential skills as stage directions, blocking notation, memorization tips, character objective and choices, and stage presence. Each student will walk away more confident with themselves and their talents. Because students partner with each other regular attendance is a must. Register here / Teaching Artist: Whitney Tenney-Pak

Sketch Comedy Lab Ages 8 to 12 Monday, 4:15-5:45pm Starts Sept 12 for 11 weeks. $330
Do you watch SNL and think “That looks like fun! I want to do that too!?” This class will give you the building blocks to start you on your journey to be a creator of sketch comedy. You’ll experience improve exercises in a safe environment in order to spark humorous ideas. You’ll then take these sparks and build them up with character and plot until you have a 5-star funny scene. Register here / Teaching Artist: Jessica Winward

Basic Acting Ages 9 to 14 Monday, 6:00-7:30pm Starts Sept 12 for 11 weeks. $330
Before you can fly you must learn to walk. If you’re interested in acting for the stage, BASIC ACTING is a fun, safe way to learn the necessities. You’ll learn interesting and lively theatre activities, and with these activities you’ll learn acting essentials like stage directions and terminology; vocal projection and body language; and how an actor creates and becomes a character. You’ll then use these essentials to work on monologues. When you finish this class you won’t be a basic actor anymore. Register here / Teaching Artist: Jessica Winward

Combo Class Acting/Voice 2 Spots Left Ages 5 to 8 Monday, 4:00-5:30pm Starts Sept 12 for 11 weeks. $330
One of the most important tools of the actor is their voice. This class will help develop all things vocal: breathing, enunciation, projection and how the voice can change and be changed by acting choices. Learn how to develop a personal artistic identity and command attention. Students will build self-confidence by standing in front of others and by using their unique and precious voice. This class is structured so at the end of the session, students will have created and performed pieces showing off their new found vocal skills in singing and acting. Register here / Teaching Artist: Joanna Burt

Improv Ages 8 to 12 Thursday, 4:00-5:00pm Starts Sept 15 for 12 weeks. $240
Experience the power of play and the joy of fast thinking in a fun and safe environment with improv. Improv is the art of instantly responding to ideas, people, places and things. Improv games focusing on the art of improv promote creativity and personal growth. Improv skills can help you think quickly on your feet, listen and work well with others, solve problems and rise to challenges. Improv opens you up to the power of being in the moment. You can quickly and freely create anything with the tools of improv. ​​​​​Register here / Teaching Artist: Jessica Winward

Brush Up Your Shakespeare Ages 9 & up Thursday, 5:00 – 6:30pm Starts Sept 15 for 12 weeks. $360
Want to learn how to perform, memorize, and analyze the most famous playwright of all time? Of course you do! This class will teach you scansion, memorization, voice, and diction of some of the most famous Shakespearean texts and maybe even a couple of Shakespearean insults. We will study and perform scenes and each student will leave with rehearsed, memorized, and polished Shakespearean monologues! Register here / Teaching Artist: Jessica Winward


The Dance curriculum at Theatre 360 provides a solid technical foundation taught in a professional, nurturing environment. All of our students benefit from the structure and discipline of a progressive dance training program. Our dance courses are lead by a staff of talented, professional dancers, who are dedicated to helping their students achieve success as dancers and performers.

Intermediate Theatre Dance* Ages 11 & up Monday, 7:00–8:30pm Starts Sept 12 for 11 weeks. $330
This is dance training on the pre-professional level. A warm-up focused on strong technique of classic jazz, contemporary and ballet will help each student refine and master movement. That mastery is then applied to the study and practice of a variety of musical theatre choreographic styles. Each student will possess their own possibility of versatility, self-assurance, and how to consistently push themselves to achieve Broadway quality performance. Dance attire and jazz shoes are required. Register here / Teaching Artist: Devon Yates

BalletAll Levels FULL Ages 11 & up Thursday, 6:30-8:00pm Starts Sept 15 for 12 weeks. $360
This course is aimed at providing the aspiring musical theatre performer with a foundation in movement. The student will get strong technique in ballet by learning fundamental exercises, basic ballet terminology, body alignment and movement control. This comprehensive technique is introduced through barre and center work. And the great thing is all of this is learned in a fun, fun, fun environment. The class will give the student-performer the essentials needed to tackle many dances found in Broadway musicals, and to discover possibilities of expression through movement. Dance attire and ballet shoes are required. Register here / Teaching Artist: Devon Yates

Beg Theatre Dance Ages 9 & up Saturday, 9:30-11:00am Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks. $360
Today’s successful actor must not only act but also move. This class focuses on developing the newer dancer’s placement, technique and theatre dance vocabulary. Each student will learn how to express themselves through movement while gaining a strong background in theatre dance that can be utilized in upcoming auditions and productions. Students leaving this class will feel more confident in their own abilities to move well while having a really great time! Register here / Teaching Artist: Margaret Pett

Hip Hop 1 Spot Left Ages 8 & up Saturday, 11:45 – 12:45pm Starts Sept 17 for 12 weeks. $240
Want to be a contemporary actor? The big hit on Broadway this year is HAMILTON—a musical that requires all the actors to call upon their hip hop skills. Be prepared for anything Broadway throws at you and broaden your appeal to directors by mastering contemporary movement. Students in this high-energy class will learn the basic vocabulary and variations of break dancing, locking, and popping. The student will then develop the freedom to improvise with what they’ve learned. Rap is something you do. Hip hop is something you live. Register here / Teaching Artist: Joanna Burt


Beginning Tap Ages 9 & up Thursday, 5:15 – 6:15pm Starts Sept 15 for 12 weeks. $240
Tap dancing is an exciting rhythmic dance form distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. This long time favorite style of dance has an esteemed Broadway reputation. In this tap class, students will learn and build on basic skills and fundamentals that increase rhythm, strength, and coordination. Dance attire and tap shoes are required. Register here / Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe


The Voice Department is designed to introduce students to fundamental vocal techniques including breath control, phrasing, enunciation, interpretation, and presentation. In-class exercises will help refine and strengthen the student’s developing voice. All voice classes teach: – Warm-up exercises – Correct posture – Basic vowel sounds and correct articulation – Relaxation exercises – Improving placement, volume, vocal range, dynamics – Developing basic music theory – Stage presentation

Gleeks! I Ages 5 to 8 Friday, 4:00-5:00pm Starts Sept 16 for 12 weeks. $240
Do you love to sing and dance? Do you aspire to wow the world as a triple threat? In this class you will learn fun, high energy songs from contemporary musicals. Through upbeat choreography and melodies, students will learn basic vocal and movement technique, and rehearsal and performance skills. Register here / Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe

Gleeks! II 1 Spot Left Ages 9 to 14 Friday, 5:00-6:30pm Starts Sept 16 for 12 weeks. $360
Learning to perform entertaining musical numbers for the older student. Like GLEEKS! I, students will study and learn choreography and music from contemporary musicals. Students will also explore various Broadway character-types and development their own characters through song and dance. Register here / Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe

Intermediate Vocal Performance*
Ages 11 & up Monday, 5:00 – 6:45pm Starts Sept 12 for 11 weeks. $390
This class is for the dedicated student who strives to refine their vocal skills. A vocal performance is more than just singing notes properly. In this class students will explore emotional and vocal nuances, vocal quality, and performance/audition techniques. On a weekly basis students must select material best suited to them, and then learn to personalize that material. This class will not only develop your vocal range and power, but it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to display your voice to its greatest potential. Register here / Teaching Artist: Devon Yates*Requires instructor approval.

Broadway Kids FULL Ages 6 to 10 Thursday, 4:00 – 5:15pm Starts Sept 15 for 12 weeks. $300
This singing class is for our younger set to sing their hearts out with Broadway showtunes. Students will learn proper breath control, proper placement, and work on developing their range as well as expanding their musical theatre knowledge. Students will get to pick from classic to contemporary songs developing individually their own confidence and showmanship. Register here / Teaching Artist: Kelsey O’Keeffe