Welcome to the Cast List Page for Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Please read through all our important notes first:

Important Notes:

  1. FIRST REHEARSAL WILL BE: Wed. June 5, 4:00-9:00pm everyone is called!
  2. Cast members should bring a pencil and notepad to every rehearsal.
  3. Please bring dinner/snack for this first rehearsal.
  4. We will be collecting the $200 production fee starting at the first rehearsal. If it is not received by Wednesday, June 19, by the end of rehearsal, there will be a $30 late fee. No exceptions. This fee goes towards paying the royalty fees. Again, thank you for your understanding and support!
  5. Scripts: We will be loaning you a copy of the libretto for the rehearsal period. These can only be written in with pencil and need to be returned as you received them. They will be collected on closing night, any script damaged/lost families will be charged a $60 damage fee.

We know in your heart how important your child is to you; each and every student is just as important to us. Throughout the rehearsal process, each child will be mentored, supported, and encouraged to grow no matter if they have 2 lines vs. 50. There has been thoughtful consideration to develop the script with true equality on stage and so each child has a chance to shine throughout the show. Therefore, it is vital that each student attends the rehearsals they are called for without adding conflicts and with the intent of each rehearsal as a growth process for their burgeoning talents. A positive attitude and politeness is part of the Theatre 360 process. Thank you for your respect in what we do. 


Thoroughly Modern Millie CAST LIST

Bella Bilandzija                       Muzzy/Ensemble

Christian Boyd                         Ensemble

Lilly Driscoll                            Ensemble

Angela Henderson                  Miss Dorothy Brown

Avery King                               Mrs. Meers

Arjun Lakshman                      Trevor Graydon

Macey Lillard                          Ensemble

Maggie Mazurek                    Bun Foo

Kari Miller                               Ensemble

Ella Onderdonk                       Ensemble

Maritza Ramirez                     Ching Ho

Regan Sakai                            Ensemble

Sage Saling                              Millie Dillmount

Mary Louisa Whitford             Miss Flannery/Ensemble

Ensemble includes: Ruth, Gloria, Rita, Alice, Cora, Lucille, Ethel Peas, Speed Tappists, The Pearl Lady, The Letch, Policeman, George Gershwin, Dorothy Parker, Rodney, Kenneth, Dishwashers, Muzzy’s Girls, Daphne, Dexter, Mathilde, New Modern, Mama